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The Plug Seedbank

The Plug Seedbank is a cannabis seed company founded by a group of cannabis breeders and enthusiasts that have years of experience in the marijuana breeding industry. Launched by the Plug BCN, who teamed up with the best of the best in the world of cannabis breeding, the Plug Seedbank's seed line uses some of the most stable cannabis genetics on the planer. As a result of vigorous stability and yield testing, the Plug Seedbank has created new, award winning marijuana genetics!


Many of Plug Seedbank's marijuana seed strains have some pretty tempting names, including their popular seed choices: Sour Crisp Cookies, Jungle Scout Cookies, Strawnana Wifi, and Blue OG Sherbet! You'll find them all here at 1st Seed Bank for insanely low prices, and with the most discreet delivery ever, guaranteed!  

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