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TH Seeds

TH Seeds is one of the most well established cannabis seed companies in Holland. Formed in 1993, T.H.Seeds is fascinated by nature's greatest miracle, the Cannabis plant. The TH Seeds story began with a cannabis information centre, world-renowned cannabis seed shop and a hemp store. TH Seeds quickly established their reputation as an extremely experienced breeder of marijuana seeds, and have since won a huge number of Cannabis Cups, beginning with Kal-X in 1995, through S.A.G.E in 1999-2001 and on to Electric Lemon G which won 2nd place in the 2011 Cannabis Cup. T.H Seeds actively encourage feedback from their cannabis customers, allowing them to tailor their marijuana strains towards the most popular cannabis seed characteristics.


TH Seeds are responsible for such popular cannabis seeds as A Train, Electric Lemon G and Sage and Sour. You'll find these and other regular, feminised, super strength, autoflowering, and high yielding TH cannabis seeds here at 1st Seed Bank, and you'll also find them cheaper than anywhere else!  

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