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Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds is a world-renowned marijuana genetics company and cannabis seedbank from the Netherlands that has a reputation for high quality cannabis seeds at great affordable prices. Sumo Seeds began in Holland, and after years of experimentation, a hugely diverse range of cannabis seeds were collected. Sumo Seeds have been on numerous trips all over the world searching for indigenous marijuana strains, making them one step ahead of the competition!


Sumo Seeds offer a wide range of feminised and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. They have such classic marijuana strains as White Widow Original and Sumo's Big Bud but also have strains for the real conoisseur like OG Kush, Goji Haze and White Caramel Cookie!Sumo Seeds also offer regular pot seeds at very competitive prices, and 1st Seed Bank are very proud to be retailing the full range of Sumo Seeds to you for the best prices online!  

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