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Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is a cannabis seed bank founded by Arjan, Franco, and Simon the Strain Hunters - purveyors of premium quality landrace genetics. Via their YouTube channel, the Strain Hunters created a viral series of documentaries demonstrating the value of the cannabis plant and how it has and still continues to impact people in different historical, geographical, political and economic contexts. Partly thanks to the Strain Hunters and these documentaries, cannabis is slowly becoming more socially acceptable. Since travelling the world hunting cannabis landraces in order to preserve them and share them with growers and breeders worldwide, the Strain Hunters have bred a variety of award-winning strains from original inbred landrace material.


Here at 1st Seed Bank, you'll find 12/12 Strain Hunters seeds, high yielding and autoflowering Strain Hunters seeds, indica and sativa Strain Hunters seeds, including popular strains like Money Maker, Damnesia, Caboose, and White Lemon. Best prices, secure shipping, and discreet delivery are guaranteed.

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