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Spliff Seeds

Though Spliff Seeds are a new exciting breeder of high quality cannabis seed genetics, they have actually been cultivating quality marijuana seeds since 1995. Spliff Seeds breed their cannabis seeds under optimal conditions in conditioned growrooms. SpliffSeeds are sure to carefully select the best cannabis mothers and fathers that are used in the creation of their genetics in order to result in the most stable, viable and potent marijuana plants to produce the very seeds that you are now able to purchase! Spliff Seeds carry out extensive tests on each batch, to ensure that every Spliff Seed you purchase has great germination rates, viability and female percentages.


If you are looking to collect fantastic Spliff Seed genetics, including popular cannabis seed strains such as Afghan, Super Skunk, Haze no.1, Blue Berry, and Royal Thai, you're in the best place! 1st Seed Bank will guarantee the best prices online, and discreet delivery to your door.  

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