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Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds, also known as Soma's Sacred Seeds, is a medical cannabis seed company started in Amsterdam way back in 1967. Soma Seeds became an internationally famous cannabis seeds provider after winning a huge amount of High Times Cannabis Cup awards (in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005!) with such popular strains as Reclining Buddha, NYC Diesel, Buddha's Sister, Amnesia Haze and Lavender. when Soma first fell in love with cannabis decades ago, he spent a lot of time growing cannabis in an organic and eco-friendly manner. As a medical marijuana user himself, Soma has spent a great deal of time in breeding and stabilising some extremely potent high-grade medicinal cannabis genetics which are now available to purchase.

Soma's interest in the effects of cannabis has led him to create cannabis strains for specific purposes with such strains as Buddha's Sister being great for creativity and Amnesia Haze being best for adventuring. No matter what your interest, Soma Seeds are sure to have the cannabis strains you seek. And whatever it is you seek, you'll want to purchase the cannabis seeds for your collection at the lowest possible prices - that's where 1st Seed Bank comes in! The best prices and most secure shipping, guaranteed.  

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