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Sin City Seeds

Sin City Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that was launched in 2010 by a small group of underground Las Vegas marijuana breeders that excel in developing robust and unique genetics. The SinCity Seeds breeders' aim is to change grower's perceptions of medical marijuana (MMJ) in seed form. Utilizing over 17 years of cannabis cultivation experience and natural breeding techniques, Sin City has used their compassion for the medical marijuana community to create over 200 unique regular cannabis strain varieties. SinCity Seeds is among the world's most respected cannabis breeders. Here at 1st Seed Bank, we offer the most popular Sin City cannabis seed strains. Whether you are looking for Chimp Mints, Las Vegas, Sour Bubba, Over the Moon Kush, Cancers Nightmare, Cherry Fuels, or Powernap. Whatever your favorite cannabis seed is, you can find it right here at 1st Seed Bank, available at super affordable prices and with secure, discreet shipping.  

Who Are Sin City Seeds?

Sin City Seeds was formed by a group of medical marijuana geneticists who wanted to adjust the cannabis seed landscape by offering high quality, genetically reliable dank cannabis seed strains to the cannabis community. The breeders over at Sin City say that they work with compassion to bring affordable and trustworthy strains to those who are sick and looking to use cannabis as medicine or therapy. With an honorable focus such as this, what else could we love about Sin City Seeds? Well, take a look at some more facets that these breeders hold close to heart: All seed strain releases are 100% fully tested before being released to the public. Sin City practices 'true breeding'. What does this mean? Sin City Seeds use a meticulous selection and testing process to identify males for breeding. Most people are searching for feminized seeds, which may take out most of the guesswork and risk, but removes many of the advantages you can enjoy from natural breeding. Sin City feels that natural breeding is effective for the best qualities of the parent genetics to come through. By using consistent breeding techniques, Sin City can ensure consistent results throughout their products and weed seed strains. Now that you know a little bit more about the breeders and their breeding practices, let's take a look at which strains people love the most:  

These Are Sin City's Top Three Most Popular Seed Strains:

Wondering which marijuana seeds from the Sin City breeders are the most popular? We take a look below at the most popular cannabis seeds from Sin City.  

Triple Cherry Diesel

Triple Cherry Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Triple Cherry Diesel comes from the two strains, Sour Jack and Buddha's Triplets. Because of these parent strains, it is different from MTG seed's Cherry Diesel (a cross between Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel). Triple Cherry Diesel cannabis strain was released in 2015 and has since gained rapid popularity in the cannabis community amongst both users and cultivators. Sin City's Triple Cherry Diesel offers a tart taste that leaves a citrus zing on your palate. Despite the tart combination of flavors, the strain is a smooth smoke. Genetically Speaking: What's in the strain? Although the exact data is difficult to come by, Triple Cherry Diesel has the genetics that can point us in the right direction. Let's look at the first parent, Buddha's Triplets, which is a cross between Triple OG and Budhha's Sister. Budha's sister has an average THC level of 20% while Triple OG's typical THC level ranges from 10% to 20%. Looking at this data, it would be natural to assume that Triple Cherry Diesel's THC level would average around 15%-20%. This is considered a medium to high THC level, which is said to be helpful for menstrual and muscle cramps, pain, and nausea. This type of THC content could also be beneficial for bringing a light-hearted energy into the atmosphere while offering an energetic, but not anxious (the anxiety can also depend on a person's sensitivity to THC), high. Triple Cherry Diesel is not a strain that you commonly find. Luckily, you can find the best Triple Cherry Diesel seeds to add to your collection right here at 1st Seed Bank.  


Powernap is a balanced hybrid that leans slightly more towards the Indica side (55% Indica/45% Sativa), which was created from the two strains White Nightmare and Blue Power. For many people, cannabis is used as a sleep aid, and Powernap is one of those strains that can get you asleep, and fast! As you may have already guessed from the name itself, Powernap is a potent sedative that could get even an insomniac to sleep. How does Powernap work so well as a sleep aid? Because the strains are packed with THC, as much as 29%. From the first hit, you will feel this strain. Powernap's onset comes in fast and strong and immediately has a numbing effect on your mental faculties, leaving you feeling dazed and content. Physically, Powernap doesn't typically cause an immediate physical sensation. Instead, you might find Powernap slowly builds up a physical full-body relaxation that, before you know it, locks you into what many love to call the couchlock. Now, if this happens at night, in your bed, when all you want to do is drift off into Dreamtime bliss, then Powernap is your best friend. If, however, this happens with your wake n bake before a busy day, Powernap may not be such a great friend. So, use this strain well, and you could end up having it as a staple for your nighttime routine. Are you ready to have Powernap added to your collection? Order with us today!  

Treasure Island

If you have ever come across this strain then you know treasures are in store. With what some call the perfect balance between sativa and indica (70% sativa and 30% indica), the Treasure Island cannabis strain from Sin City Seeds offers both mental clarity and physical relaxation. Treasure Island is bred from one of the most highly acclaimed medical marijuana strain, Cannatonic, and Swiss Gold. Thanks to the solid Cannatonic genetics, the effects from Treasure Island are relatively mild and wholesomely pleasant. Users claim this strain offers a slight increase in energy and upliftment with no trace of anxiousness or paranoid thoughts. Treasure Island is often cultivated for its medicinal potential; many users claim it has powerful pain-relieving properties and offers a full body and mind relaxation that lasts for hours. All of these effects are thanks to the strain's high CBD count, which is partly due to the genetics brought by Cannatonic. But aside from relieving pain and promoting relaxation, the Treasure Island strain is said to offer increased creativity, mental clarity, and focus. Treasure Island is also often used to combat migraines, headaches, arthritis, inflammation, and mental health issues. Are you ready to add Sin City Cannabis Seeds to your collection? Order your favorite Sin City Seeds today and get that collection growing!  

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