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Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is a cannabis seedbank that, as the name suggests, takes marijuana seed breeding very seriously! Providing small batches of super potent cannabis seeds with around 18-22% THC, Serious Seeds is so serious and dedicated, in fact that they give a unique code on every seed pack they sell to make them replaceable if the collector has any problems. Founded in 1995 by a biologist in Amsterdam that has always been a big believer in cannabis and had been collecting seeds since 1986, Serious Seeds has since produced some High Times Cannabis Cup prize winners including AK-47 and Chronic.


Other Serious Seeds pot seeds popular with cannabis connoisseurs everywhere include White Russian, Double Dutch, Kali Mist, Bubblegum, and Motavation. 1st Seed Bank also takes providing high-quality cannabis seeds very seriously, and that's why you won't find Serious Seeds available at such low prices anywhere else - that's guaranteed.   

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