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Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is a legendary cannabis seed bank that has actively been producing and offering superior marijuana strains and high-quality cannabis seeds for over 20 years. The Sensi Seed Bank has a great interest in collecting, preserving and interbreeding the most interesting cannabis strains they can find from all over the world. With such a major focus on creating powerful and exotic strains, the Sensi Seed collection is consequently made up of the most important and worthwhile pot seeds available anywhere worldwide. These incredible Sensi Seeds marijuana strains have won more awards than those of any other seed bank, receiving first place in multiple Cannabis Cups worldwide.

Some of the most popular, and renowned, Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds strains include Shiva Skunk, Big Bud, Super Skunk, Early Skunk, Mother's Finest, and Jack Flash. You'll find all feminised, regular, super strength, outdoor, and/or high yielding Sensi Seeds provided by 1st Seed Bank at the best cannabis seed prices online, delivered ultra-discreetly.  

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