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Seedmakers Seeds

Seedmakers Seeds are a Spanish cannabis seedbank that pride themselves on using marijuana experts to select only the best possible cannabis seeds for their collectors. By using independent breeders with years if marijuana breeding experience, Seedmakers Seeds produce their pot seeds with a great philosophy: if every cannabis plant can produce between 1,000 and 50,000 cannabis seeds, then why shouldn't every seedbank be able to provide the very best genetics at the very best prices? Seedmakers' wonderful weed seed range is carefully selected from only the best parent plants, and as such, exclusively feminized seeds are available.

Seedmakers Seeds can lay claim to creating some very well known, popular marijuana seed strains, including Alakazam, Jack Widow, Silver Jack, Critical, Auto Max, and the infamous AK Auto. If you're looking for the best weed seed prices available, with discreet worldwide shipping, you're in the right place - welcome to 1st Seed Bank!  

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