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Seedism Seeds

Seedism Seeds is a cannabis seedbank that was originally founded in 2007 at Amsterdam's High Times Cannabis Cup. Launched by a small group of experienced cannabis breeders that worked together in the Cannabis College Amsterdam way back in 1999, Seedism Seeds is built on an intimate knowledge and passion for breeding marijuana strains. The Seedism Seeds team has been fortunate enough to work with some of the top names and companies in marijuana seed development, including Greenhouse Seeds, The Flying Dutchmen, Sensi Seeds, and Homegrown Fantaseeds.


Seedism Seedscombined cannabis expertise has resulted in the creation of popular cannabis seeds strains such as Apple Jack, Hippie Killer, BLZ Bud and Diesel, with both feminized and regular cannabis seeds available. And guess what? You'll find all of these available for the best possible prices online here at 1st Seed Bank, where you'll also receive discreet worldwide delivery.  

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