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Sativa Seedbank

Sativa Seedbank is a fresh, upcoming cannabis seedbank new to the marijuana scene - this doesn't mean that they are novices when it comes to producing the finest cannabis seeds though! As they were founded in cooperation with the renowned Nirvana Seedbank, they have access to a wealth of cannabis expertise and experience in crossing strains, and as a result have been developing marijuana strains of excellent quality. Sativa Seeds are making a name for themselves in stable cannabis genetics, and specialised sativa strains that you can rely on to produce an authentic sativa high.

Here at Seed-City you'll find 12/12 Sativa Seedbank Seeds, autoflowering Sativa Seeds, super strength Sativa seeds, and medical Sativa seeds. These ranges include popular cannabis seed varieties such as Blackberry, Hawaii Maui Waui, Sour Diesel, BlackJack, and Raspberry Cough. And of course, as usual, you can expect to find your Sativa Seedbank cannabis seeds at the lowest prices on the internet here at Seed-City, where they will be delivered discreetly and to your door. 

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