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Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that has been operating out of the Netherlands for over 20 years, gaining a wealth of experience in growing and breeding cannabis. Since releasing their own line of cannabis seeds, Royal Queen Seeds can proudly call themselves one of the fastest growing marijuana seed breeders across all of Europe! Every Royal Queen Seed is handpicked from organic parents to ensure stability, dependability, and of course, quality. The whole Royal Queen Seeds range is feminized and their selection contains many High Times Cannabis Cup winners such as Northern Lights and White Widow.


As well as the legendary Northern Lights and White Widow, other popular Royal Queen Seeds weed seed strains include Amnesia Haze, OG Kush, Special Kush #1, Royal Gorilla, and Special Queen #1. All of these varieties and more are available from 1st Seed Bank, where you'll find your favourite cannabis seeds at the lowest prices on the market - guaranteed!  

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