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Resin Seeds

Resin Seeds is a cannabis seed bank founded in Spain in 2008 by Jamie, an active cannabis breeder since 1998 who opened one of the first cannabis grow shops in Barcelona! Resin Seeds are the self-proclaimed founders of the CBD movement, beginning with the Resin Seeds cannabis strain Cannatonic which became very popular with medical cannabis users and has since started a worldwide quest for creating the ultimate medicinal marijuana strains.


As well as High CBD medical Resin marijuana seeds, you can also find many Indica and Sativa, high yielding, and super strength varieties of Resin Seeds here at 1st Seed Bank. Popular Resin Seed cannabis strains apart from the infamous Cannatonic include Critical Haze, Yummy, LA Ultra, and Dieseltonic. Lowest prices, secure shipping, and discreet delivery are what we do here at 1st Seed Bank, so you can order your Resin Seeds with peace of mind.  

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