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R-Kiem Seeds

R-Kiem Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seeds breeder with the objective of preserving marijuana genetics by breeding and developing new marijuana hybrids and polihybrids. R-Kiem Seeds have been in the business of producing quality cannabis genetics since way back in 1998 and since then they have collaborated with a variety of esteemed national and international cannabis growers and breeders.


Some of our most popular R-Kiem Seeds cannabis seed strains are Portela, Icer, Muse, and R-Kiem itself, the strongest weed seed that R-Kiem Seeds supplies. 1st Seed Bank supplies all of your favourite R-Kiem pot seeds, whether they be regular, feminised, sativa, earthy, or fruity, at the lower prices than anywhere else on the internet - we will guarantee it!  

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