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Purple Caper Seeds

Purple Caper Seeds is a cannabis seedbank that has been growing and breeding cannabis for over 20 years. Based in California thanks to the abundance of landrace, heirloom, and designer marijuana strains, Purple Caper Seeds have created many fantastic strains with high yields and high quality too! The very first two Purple Caper cannabis seed strains, Chocolope Cheese and #1K, have become legendary in the California outdoor cannabis scene since they were first released. With the importing of a male from Amsterdam, many more cannabis strains followed, including popular choices like Yetti, Chocolate Snow, and White Grapes.


Other wonderful Purple Caper Seeds varieties available here at 1st Seed Bank include Krippy Kush, Alien OG, Cookie OG, Wedding Cake, and Cherry Cake! You'll always find your Purple Caper Seeds at the lowest prices online via 1st Seed Bank, and we can deliver discreetly, worldwide!  

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