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Positronic Seeds

Positronics is a cannabis seeds bank with a legendary reputation in the world of cannabis seed breeding! The Positronic Seeds story starts back in 1985 when the first European marijuana grow shop was opened by Wernand Bruining. Over the following years, Positronics gained a wealth of experience in cannabis cross breeding and developing new marijuana strains, eventually becoming one of the most experienced cannabis breeders in the world. In 1996, Werner moved to Spain with all of the original Positronics strains, where he has continued to create many more wonderful marijuana hybrids.

Positronic Seeds have produced many ultra popular cannabis seed strains including Purple Haze, Afghan Express, Black Widow, Caramel Ice, and Blue Rhino - all of which are available at the best prices on the market right here, at 1st Seed Bank!  

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