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Plantformers is a cannabis seed company based in the cannabis capital - Amsterdam. Plantformers Seeds focus on the roots of marijuana itself by selecting and developing strains that rejuvenate old-school landrace cannabis genetics as well as combining them with new, modern marijuana genetics to create fresh, vigorous new strains. Plantformers Seeds were first seen at the 2014 Cannabis Cup with Mekanika Haze and Mr X Kush, both of which were strong favourites! Plantformers have more than 20 years of experience in the cannabis business and look forward to looking through their classic genetics collection to find new flavours and bring back some old ""lost"" marijuana strains. Plantformers also place a high value on craftsmanship and sustainable cannabis farming practices.

Popular choices for Platformers Seeds customers include Mekanika Haze (a full blood 'Orange Pecco' Sativa with lineage traced back to the Amazon rainforest), Pineapple OG (a Pineapple Haze x OG Kush cross with twisted pineapple aromas), and Mr-X Lychee (an Indica experience with beautiful lychee taste and aromas). Buying your Platformers cannabis seeds from 1st Seed Bank means you'll be guaranteed the lowest possible prices and the best discreet delivery.  

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