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Pilchards Caviar Bodega

Pilchard's Caviar Bodega are a rather oddly named seedbank but don't let their rather outlandish name scare you off! Pilchard's say the best way to learn about them and their philosophy is to visit their social media pages so we have put a link below. Pilchard's Caviar Bodega are made up of a group of youthful individuals who value peace and an easy life and they bring this philosophy to their seeds by offering a range of seeds which are most definitely tried, tested and trusted! Pilchard's only have a small range but this is because they make sure they are fully satisfied in the high quality of their strains before they are released. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Pilchard's Caviar Bodega are very active on their social media channels so we do encourage you to contact them if you should have any questions at all! Seed City is very proud to offer the full range of Pilchard's Caviar Bodega seeds, available as both single seeds and full packs, for the lowest prices online!

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