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Pakalolo Seed

Hawaii has quite recently become medical compliant, meaning that new strains can legally be created there. Before this, Pakalolo Seed say that "what we had is what we had" in that they had quite limited access to new strains and regularly found that the strains they were able to get hold of did not live up to their high expectations. In 2016 Hawaii had its first cannabis expo which was held at Blaisdell. Pakalolo Seed noticed that the event was not particularly well attended and the seed companies which were represented there were not from Hawaii. Quite soon after this event Hawaii had its first Cannabis Cup / Free the plant event and Pakalolo entered the competition themselves. Whilst at the event they learned that a particular strain which they were very interested in growing was going to be available but were surprised when they arrived and they had all sold out! Taking the popularity of Hawaiian-bred seeds to heart they flew back to Molokai and decided to create their own seed company, concentrating on real Hawaiian-bred seeds and collecting, distributing and manufacturing Hawaiian genetics.  Now 1st Seed Bank is very proud to be able to offer the full range of Pakalolo Seed, available as both single seeds and full packs, at the lowest prices online!  

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