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Original Delicatessen Seeds

Original Delicatessen Seeds is a cannabis seed bank set up in Spain with a focus on preserving original landrace genetics of marijuana strains from Jamaica, Colombia, Thailand, the Netherlands, India, and other locations across the globe. Original Delicatessen Seeds has since spent over two decades researching and creating unique, one-off cannabis strains varieties that are not available anywhere else on the market! Original Delicatessen's weed seeds always boast wonderful aromas and flavours, as well as the perfect balance between quality and potency. Original Delicatessen seeds reportedly hope that their innovation will encourage other cannabis seedbanks to take some risks and try new ideas which will push everybody in the canna-community forwards!

Alice (a fast flowering Sativa), First Lady (an ancestral pure Sativa), Her Majesty (a robust, abundant bouquet of aromas), Lilly (one of the fasted flowering pure Sativas on the planet), and Edy (an Indica pheno hybrid with spectacular resin production) are the Top 5 most popular Original Delicatessen Seeds pot seed strains here at 1st Seed Bank. Order your OG Delicatessen cannabis seeds with 1st Seed Bank today and you'll be guaranteeing yourself the lowest possible prices available anywhere on the market!

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