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OO Seeds

OO Seeds is one of the freshest, newest cannabis seeds banks in the industry, specialising in producing feminised Indica strains, autoflowering marijuana seed strains, and classic Indica cannabis genetics with a focus on quantity, stability, and potency. 00 Seeds' cannabis seed range is exciting and exotic in terms of different cannabis flavours and aromas, including chocolate tasting strains and berry flavoured strains, as well as cheese, kush and skunk strains.

Here at 1st Seed Bank you can find popular OO Seeds pot seeds in many 12/12, autoflowering, outdoor, fast flowering, and medical varieties, including popular marijuana seed strains like Auto Blueberry, Auto Bubblegum, Auto Hashchis Berry, Chocolate Kush, and Chocolate Skunk. You will always be guaranteed the lowest prices and most discreet delivery here at 1st Seed Bank, the perfect place to stock your 00 Seeds cannabis seeds collection!  

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