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Nirvana Seeds

Established in 1995, Nirvana Seeds had strong beginnings in the late 1980s. Around then, the founder, Mau, was working at Positronics in Amsterdam. With his knowledge from the Dutch grow shop, Mau traveled and collected weed seeds from the highest-quality strains. His collection grew, as did his experience with cross-breeding and identifying new revolutionary seeds. Nirvana Seed's founder also worked in a number of other Amsterdam grow shops after Positronics. Here, he continued his journey in the world of cannabis seeds. After years of learning, experimenting, and developing new strains, Mau decided to start his own seed bank. Originating as a specialist in cannabis seeds as well as a seed bank, Nirvana is an accomplished brand. The company also produces hemp products, displaying an extensive appreciation for the full cannabis plant.  

Premium Marijuana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds has a unique place in the cannabis seed industry. The brand focuses on offering top-tier cannabis seeds, accessible to all collectors. As its founder emphasized, Nirvana strives to provide only high-quality cannabis seeds from the best seed manufacturers in the world. With connections to seed farmers and collectors in multiple countries, Nirvana Seeds has access to superior options. The team carefully curates the selective inventory, providing customers with an endless supply of high-calibre collector's seeds. The brand also keeps their team small to extend the most personalized experience to customers. The team understands the importance of community in the cannabis seed industry, and strives to offer that to clients.  

Popular Cannabis Seed Bank

Nirvana has kept its hold in the weed seed market for so long for several reasons. It has an extensive understanding and experience with weed seeds, a customer-focused approach, and a massive inventory of the finest cannabis seeds. This inventory includes well-known brands and trailblazing newbies, all with experty cultivated, beautiful products. A wide variety of seeds are sold by Nirvana, all available here at 1st Seed Bank. These include autoflowering, feminized, outdoor, super strength, and high yielding. The extensive collection of Nirvana seeds offered at 1st Seed Bank encompasses all the brand's best and most popular products. Collectors can sort Nirvana's seeds by type, popularity, name, and price to find their favorite options or try something new. At 1st Seed Bank, we constantly update our catalog to include the newest cannabis seed trends from all the best brands. Nirvana Seeds is one of our most popular distributors, and our collection reflects this. Hundreds of collector's items from Nirvana Seeds are offered here at 1st Seed Bank. Some of the most popular options from Nirvana available on our site are Wonder Woman, AK48, Maui Waui, and Sour Diesel. Our connection to Nirvana Seeds allows us to offer everything from their extensive inventory. We have Nirvana's legendary strains like Gelato and Durban Poison, as well as exclusive up-and-comers like Chrystal and Jock Horror. For the ultimate selection of collector's item indica and sativa seeds from Nirvana, visit our online store. Nirvana Seeds has been providing collectors with premium seeds for decades, and we're excited to be part of the brand's story.  

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