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Next Generation Seeds

Next Generation Seeds are a cannabis seed company founded in 1997 and building on their great reputation ever since! Next Generation Seeds are known for being a reliable source of original, unique cannabis strains created with high-quality genetics. Next Generation Seeds have had over a decade of experience in producing premium weed seeds, and they are continuing to expand and add to their range of regular and feminised cannabis seeds. Next Generation Seeds pick only the best strains for their breeding program and use some of the best strains from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. You can always rely on Next Generation Seeds for high-quality regular and feminised cannabis seeds.


Particularly popular Next Generation cannabis seed strains include Grapefruit Diesel (selected for parents that produced fast flowering, sticky flowers), Island Sweet Skunk (Next Generation's strongest smelling, most powerful and heavily yielding strain), and Afghani Kush (a beautiful, pure Indica that will always provide you with great medicinal benefits). If you're looking to get the lowest prices on the market for your Next Generation cannabis seeds, you're in the right place here at 1st Seed Bank!   

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