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Mr Nice Seeds

Mr Nice Seeds is a cannabis seeds bank set up in 1990 by the infamous Shantibaba, the original Mr Nice, Howard Marks, and the weed king himself, Neville Shoenmaker. This collaboration between such elite experienced cannabis breeders led to Mr Nice Seeds creating some absolutely legendary cannabis seed strains including Super Silver Haze, White Rhino, and White Widow. Mr Nice Seeds consistently win the Cannabis Cup thanks to their great wealth of knowledge of pot seeds. Mr Nice seedbank is also a strong advocate for medical marijuana and owning 40 pedigreed parent plants means they have been able to produce some amazing medicinal cannabis strains!


For Mr Nice Indica seeds, Mr Nice Sativa seeds, and Mr Nice super strength seeds, as well as high yielding and outdoor Mr Nice cannabis seed varieties, 1st Seed Bank is guaranteed to give you the lowest prices on the market! Don't forget, buying online via 1st Seed Bank means that your Mr Nice weed seeds will be delivered discreetly, to your door.  

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