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Moxie Female Seeds

Moxie Female Seeds is an award-winning cannabis seedbank based in California, founded in 2015 by a group of professionals with a long history of experience in marijuana cultivation and extraction, in order to meet the ever increasing demand for cannabis extraction. Well-known as the first seedbank in the world to be breeding from extraction, Moxie Female Seeds & Extracts were awarded the first production license in Las Vegas permitting the extraction of manufactured cannabis products. All of Moxie Seeds' cannabis strains are true and tested, handpicked from gardens around the world to prioritise maximum potency, and the best colours, flavours, and aromas. Moxie Female Seeds have won numerous awards at Cannabis Cups around the world, especially for non-psychoactive CBD (Cannabidiol) products.


Whether its Indicas, Sativas, High CBD, High Yield, or Sweet Tasting cannabis seeds you're looking for, you'll find what you need in the Moxie Femal Seeds range here at 1st Seed Bank, which includes popular marijuana seed strains such as Moxie Zod, Lemon Cake, Lemonade Haze, and Goji D.C. The best prices, the most secure shipping, and the most discreet delivery are all guaranteed with 1st Seed Bank!  

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