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Medicann Seeds

Medicann Seeds is a cannabis seed mank that specialises in selecting high grade medicinal marijuana strains, prioritising medicinal benefits, potency, and yield. Medicann seeds have been actively breeding medical cannabis varieties for over 10 years now - high grade medicinal strains are at the core of their organisation. The Medicann breeding team are constantly striving to increase therapeutic effects in order to further benefit the medical marijuana users that buy their seeds so loyally. New cannabis strains take many years to get off the ground, and the initial concept from inception through to the completion of medicinal grade marijuana seed becoming available can be a lengthy process, but Medicann cuts no corners! It is vital to Medicann Seeds that their cannabis breeders have a constant dialogue with their product development and dispensary staff and caregivers in order to determine the direction of a breeding programme.


Popular Medicann cannabis seed strains include OG Kush, Scrog, Black Afghani Kush, BlueBlood, Kush Fromage, and Bubba Kush - all of which are available at 1st Seed Bank for incredibly low prices with worldwide secure delivery!


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