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Lounge Lizard Seeds

Bambi first began growing marijuana as a young teenager in new Zealand in the early 80's and grew the infamous NZ bush Sativa that did infact have Indica genes amongst it, after accidental inbreeding occurred each year with himself and a close friend's seeds.

He found one full on indica plant amongst all the 12 foot high sativas that was 4 foot tall in a shaded area of the plot and stunk like a sewage plant! A trait he found again in exported Californian indicas/skunks when he went indoors to learn the trade back in 1998.

After growing a lot of sagamartha product out and having the breeders influence to open my own seed bank Bambi followed some of the world's top breeders and took on all this information to make standard breed seeds just as they did 15 or more years ago when things were more original! - Some folks know of Bambi through his many years of expert posts on canna forums such as the Mr Nice forums where he learnt all about selective breeding and keeping his excellent strains original also!

It took Bambi 17 years to make an original hybrid that was different to all the others before it and he noted all good seed banks back then had at least one super good strain to make a good reputation off or to legitimately win a Cannabis Cup!

Welcome to Lounge Lizard seeds or Bambi's Addiction some say :-) - old school and new, all Bambi's strains are original strains used as building blocks over the years to make his own hybrids along with a true honest breeders description of plants. 1st Seed Bank is very proud to be selling Bambi's New Exclusive Strains Skunk Shot and we welcome him to 1st Seed Bank!

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