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LaPlata Labs Seeds

La Plata Labs is an award winning cannabis seed bank named in High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame Top 10 in 2014, and continuing to create new and exciting marijuana strains ever since. Established by an elite group of skilled and experienced cannabis breeders at 7000 ft up into the clean air of the La Plata mountains of California, La Plata Labs quickly became known for producing some of the best cannabis genetics available on the market. LaPlata Labs cannabis seed standards are very high, meaning they follow strict guidelines and take a lot of time to develop stability and other desirable traits in their weed seed strains. Breeding selections that they choose from are based on high potency, amazing flavors and solid structures that have taken generations to perfect.


1st Seed Bank stock and provide many outdoor and indoor, Indica and Sativa, and fast flowering varieties of La Plata Labs cannabis seeds, as well as La Plata Labs medical marijuana seeds. Stock your collection via 1st Seed Bank and you'll be guaranteed the lowest prices anywhere online, as well as secure, discreet delivery!

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