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Kush Cannabis Seeds

KUSH Seeds are a Cannabis Seed company that have been producing great marijuana genetics for over 15 years. Kush Cannabis Seeds have built their strains from only the best and purest cannabis strains dating back generations in Hindu Kush, and decades in North America. Kush Cannabis Seeds have searched long and hard for stable cannabis genetics that offer something special! Kush seeds ensure that medical marijuana users, beginner cannabis seed collectors, and recreational cannabis connoisseurs alike will benefit from their strains offered. KUSH know that each cannabis strain has its own individual medical and psychological benefits. Kush Cannabis Seeds only release the very best of their seeds so that all of our customers can know that they will receive the best quantity and quality of cannabis seed!

Here at 1st Seed Bank you will find Super Strength Kush Seeds, 12/12 Kush Seeds, Autoflowering Kush Seeds, and a variety of Sativa and Indica Kush Seeds. Popular Kush cannabis seed strains include OG Kush, Blueberry Kush, Cheese Kush, Sour Kush, and White Kush - all available for 1st Seed Bank worldwide discreet delivery at the lowest prices online, guaranteed. 

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