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Kera Seeds

Kera Seeds

Kera Seeds is a cannabis seed company that has more than 12 years experience in the Dutch coffeeshop industry, and is one of the most established weed seed houses in Europe. After building up so many years of experience, the Kera team decided to open their own line of quality cannabis seeds. Kera Seeds produce only the best feminised, autoflowering, and medicinal marijuana seeds. All of Kera Seeds' pot seeds are feminised and they have two unique lines. They have the Kera Classic line which is made up of real Dutch coffeeshop classic cannabis strains and the Kera California line which are American cannabis strains crossed with a Dutch coffeeshop topper!

You are sure to find something from Kera to suit you and their whole range is now available here in 1st Seed Bank, for the lowest prices online, delivered discreetly to your door!  

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