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Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seed Company is a cannabis seed bank with a focus on breeding marijuana plants to produce cannabis seeds for collectors who want high quality and easy-to-grow genetics with excellent results. Kannabia have spent a long time stabilising their cannabis genetics and making crosses for their extensive catalogue of cannabis seeds. Kannabia's range of cannabis seeds is exclusively feminised with some of their varieties being Feminised 12/12 standard flowering strains, and others being of the more modern and insanely popular autoflowering cannabis seed type. Kannabia Seed Co are a seed bank based in Spain, and they regard themselves as a company that really pays attention to the marijuana growers that they service. All of the strains produced by Kannabia Seeds are created in order to have characteristics that they have selected from their wealth of experience, but they also pay great attention to recommendations from their pot enthusiast customers.


Popular Kannabia cannabis seed strains available here at 1st Seed Bank include La Reina de Africa (super-productive), Kiss (super-flavourful), and Kama Kush (rich in CBD, with a CBD/THC ratio of 2:1). Order online with 1st Seed Bank for amazingly low prices and amazingly discreet worldwide delivery!  

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