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Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands is known as the creator of Canada's best cannabis genetics since 1992! Located on the beautiful island of Vancouver, Jordan of the Islands' cannabis seeds are grown in some of the best conditions imaginable to grow and breed the finest cannabis strains the world has ever seen! Jordan of the Islands' God Bud is an example of this marijuana strain quality, with its incredibly sticky and resinous buds. The God Bud genetics won Best Indica in the Cannabis Cup as well as winning numerous other awards at many other cannabis competitions. Jordan of the Islands boasts high germination rates and healthy, bug-resistant strains. They are solely dedicated to bringing to market the most flavourful, aromatic and potent cannabis seed strains that have ever been produced!

Popular Jordan of the Islands pot seed strains here at 1st Seed Bank include God's White Lightning (with surprisingly fragrant and frosty buds, crystal-covered nugs, and a great yielding structure!), God's Treat (with a desirable flowering time of 6-7 weeks), and Chemo (a legendary potent British Colombian Indica strain said to have been developed by the Canadian government as a medical strain for cancer patients!). All are available at the lowest prices online, with worldwide discreet shipping, via your favourite UK cannabis seed stockist - 1st Seed Bank.  

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