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John Sinclair Seeds

John Sinclair Seeds is a new line of connoisseur cannabis seeds and a tribute to the counterculture cannabis legend, poet, and political activist John Sinclair, who was sent to prison for 10 years in 1969 for selling just two joints to an undercover narcotics officer! Following this, the political march towards cannabis legalization grew stronger, and in celebration of his legacy, the John Sinclair range of cannabis seeds began. The John Sinclair cannabis seeds is reassuringly small, opting for quality over quantity, consisting of only 4 marijuana strains, all available in both regular and feminised packs of cannabis seeds. The cannabis strains in this small range are Skunk, Trans Love, Viper, and White Panther. All of John Sinclair Seeds' strains have a standard photoperiod (not autoflowering).


As with all 1st Seed Bank packs of cannabis seeds, multi pack discounts are available, while in the feminised range of cannabis seeds, single seeds that have been removed from breeder packaging and repackaged in plastic crush proof tubes are also available. Low prices, worldwide shipping, and discreet delivery guaranteed!  

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