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Genofarm Seeds

Since beginning in 2002, Genofarm Seeds have been accumulating over 16 years of cannabis seed breeding experience. Genofarm Seeds (also known as Genopharm Seeds) uses only the purest marijuana strains, usually very well structured with coloured polychromes. As a result, Genofarm have created a range of fantastic feminised cannabis seeds to be proud of, including the popular Farm Cheese, Goldenberry, Best Mango, and Big Shark strains. The entire Genofarm Seed range is thoroughly tested in extreme conditions to ensure that all cannabis seeds produced are of the highest quality possible.

Whether 12/12 seeds, autoflowering, or fast flowering seeds are your thing, you'll find them in the Genofarm Seeds range via 1st Seed Bank, as well as High CBD and High Yielding varieties. You can also rest assured in the knowledge that you'll be getting the best online price possible for your Genofarm Seeds, and they will be delivered discreetly, no matter where you live in the world.

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