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Genehtik Seeds

Genehtik seeds is a cannabis seedbank founded in the late 1990s by a mixture of some very well known cannabis breeders. After many years travelling the world, collecting cannabis seeds from all over the world, and working hard to trade marijuana genetics with breeders from many countries and continents, Genehtik Seeds is finally able to offer a great range of cannabis seeds. The Genehtik Seeds range includes regular cannabis seeds and feminised cannabis seeds, as well as a collection of autoflowering cannabis seed varieties. Their seeds are so good, in fact, that they went on to win Best Seed Bank of 2011!

1st Seed Bank is the UK stockist of feminised, regular, autoflowering, super strength, and high yielding varieties of Genehtik Seeds, including the very popular marijuana strains: Azken Indika, Kritikal Bilbo, and Buruandi Block Head. Don't forget, ordering your cannabis seeds online with 1st Seed Bank doesn't just mean discreet worldwide delivery, it also means getting the lowest prices available - guaranteed!  

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