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Flying Dutchman Seeds

The Flying Dutchman Seed Company is a cannabis seed bank founded by cannabis seed scene legend and expert marijuana breeder, Eddie. Before founding the Flying Dutcmen, Eddie had been cultivating and breeding cannabis strains for decades, and also worked with the Skunkman to create their first Skunk#1 strain. Throughout the early 80's Eddie continued to gather and apply his marijuana seed knowledge to open a cannabis seed wholesale business, before expanding the industry by opening the Flying Dutchmen cannabis seed bank. Flying Dutchmen cannabis seeds are some of the best on the cannabis market, with two separate seed lines of regular cannabis seeds and feminised cannabis seeds containing completely different strains.

The Flying Dutchmen regular cannabis seed range is mostly comprised of F1 hybrids, including strains such as Pot of Gold, Swazi Safari, Thai Tanic, The Real McCoy, Pineapple Punch, Fuma Con Dios, Arctic Sun, Afghanica, Aurora B, and Dutchmen's Royal Orange. Flying Dutchmen also have two great Inbred Lines (IBLs) in their cannabis seed range: The Pure (aka Skunk#1) and the infamous Original Haze. The Flying Dutchmen feminised cannabis seed range features some interesting crosses such as Power Skunk, Edelweiss, Temple Haze, Blueberry Skunk, Nepal Kush, G Force, Voyager, Dame Blanche, White Widow and Flying Dragon. With dozens of these Flying Dutchmen Seeds cannabis seeds varieties available at 1st Seed Bank for ridiculously low prices, all marijuana seed collectors will be absolutely spoilt for choice! 

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