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Flavour Chasers

Flavour Chasers were started in the UK but the production of their strains takes place in California, USA. What started Flavour Chasers on their journey was the thought that it's a little unfair that US residents should get such a bountiful number of marijuana strains available to them with such great flavours and that non-US residents really should have the option of being able to purchase strains that are just as flavourful!

In order to combat this, Flavour Chasers have scoured the globe for the best-tasting cannabis strains and are producing them in the United States for the world to enjoy! The process has not been easy for them, with a failed attempt at creating these flavourful strains in Europe, but once California introduced legal marijuana they packed their bags and headed right out there!

Flavour Chasers are always on the lookout for new strains and regularly produce crosses based on the most popular and flavourful strains they can find! Through a great deal of expermentation and diligent work they have now produced a great range of strains which they are sure you will enjoy!

1st Seed Bank are very proud to offer the full range of Flavour Chasers' cannabis seeds, available as single seeds, and as packs, for the lowest prices online!

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