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Flash Seeds

Flash Seeds are a new seed bank producer of cannabis seeds and marijuana seeds. Flash Seeds only produce Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, and are the first cannabis seed breeder to ever produce new Super Auto marijuana seed varieties, which are claimed to grow twice as tall as regular seeds! Most of the Flash Seeds cannabis seeds range are available only in feminised cannabis seed form, and some strains such as Kush Van Stitch are available in only regular packs. Flash Seeds marijuana strains like Cobra, Jet 47 and Speedy Gonzalez are available in both regular and feminised cannabis seed varieties.Two very popular Flash Seeds cannabis strains here at seed city are the Strawberry Jam cannabis seeds and the Super Blueberry Haze cannabis seeds. All Flash Seeds cannabis flavours and varieties are available at the best online prices here at 1st Seed Bank. We also offer worldwide discreet shipping on all seeds.

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