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Female Seeds

Female Seeds are a Dutch cannabis seed bank that believe in the benefits of feminised cannabis seeds when the marijuana strains used are high quality and are bred to be reliable. Female Seeds have a wide range of Indoor cannabis seeds as well as a good selection of outdoor cannabis seeds - including an outdoor suited Cinderella 99 or C99 as Female Seeds call it. Female Seeds also now have a great range of auto cannabis seeds. Alongside these permanent' marijuana seed strains Female Seeds also has a limited edition seed range that is constantly changing, known as the X-Line.Female Seeds' cannabis seed range includes strains such as C99, Outdoor C99, Bubblegummer, Easy Sativa, Grapefruit, Ice, Lemon kush, Maroc, Nevilles Haze, Black Sugar, Outdoor Grapefruit, Pure AK, Purple Maroc, Purple Power, Skunk Special, White Widow, and White Widow x Big Bud, amongst others. All Female Seeds cannabis seeds in the range are available to buy from 1st Seed Bank at the lowest prices on the online market - guaranteed! Don't forget, wherever you are in the world, we can ship them to your door - discreetly. 

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