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Fast Buds

Fast Buds cannabis seed bank has reached a highly professional level in the development and research of new autoflowering marijuana strains. FastBuds was created by professional Los Angeles cannabis breeders in 2010, when they moved to Spain (Catalonia) and founded their cannabis company there. And ever since, FastBuds have been focused on creating new, stable autoflowering strains of high quality marijuana that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Fastbuds never compromises the quality of their marijuana for quantity, and the power, colour, and yield of their cannabis seeds never disappoints!Whether you're looking for Indica or Sativa FastBuds seeds, Super Strength Fastbud Seeds, or Sweet Tasting FastBuds seeds, you'll find them all here at 1st Seed Bank - with super low prices, worldwide shipping, and discreet delivery guaranteed! 

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