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Eva Seeds

Eva Seeds are a cannabis seedbank that focus on producing high quality marijuana seeds with high yield that are suitable for beginners and novices. Based in Spain, Eva Seeds has won many Spanish cannabis breeding awards. Eva Seeds cannabis seed range is exclusively feminised and luxury grade, they don't mess around! Eva Seeds are comitted to decadent, connoisseur-quality feminized seeds with intense flavour, low prices, and powerful impacts.Popular Eva Seeds marijuana seed strains include Papa's Candy (a very fast flowering, mostly Indica plant with a sweet strawberry bubblegum-type flavour), TNT Kush (a purely Indica plant with very high yield and a hard-hitting punch), and Jamaican Dream (a mostly Sativa plant with a fresh citrus/pine fragrance and robust, thick buds). All Eva Seeds cannabis seed varieties are available at the lowest prices on the internet here at 1st Seed Bank, and can be shipped discreetly by us to your door! 

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