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Emerald Triangle Seeds

The Emerald Triangle region of northern California comprises Humboldt County, Medocino County, and Trinity County. It is in this magical region that seven very special, experienced cannabis breeders have grouped together to produce fantastic canabis genetics for the canna-community. Thanks to the Emerald Triangle's perfect environmental conditions, Emerald Triangle Seeds have used organic cannabis breeding techniques to cultivate many great strains of marijuana, focusing in particular on feminised cannabis strains that are now available on the European cannabis seed markey, along with their regular cannabis seed counterparts too, of course.One very popular strain of Emerald Triangle cannabis seed here on 1st Seed Bank is the California Wildfire, which produces large, bubbly coke bottle-shaped calyxes and is bursting with Chemdawg zing! We also supply other high yielding Emerald Triangle cannabis seeds, as well as 12/12, autoflowering, fast flowering, and outdoor varieties. 

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