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Elemental Seeds

Elemental Seeds is a renowned cannabis seed breeder that started in San Jose, California, as a medical cannabis collective which initially went by the name of Elemental Wellness. Back in 2004, the cannabis people behind Elemental Seeds received cuttings from a very special marijuana strain called True OG. After spending years perfecting the genetics of True OG, Elemental Seeds have now produced the finished article - which we are very proud to supply here at 1st Seed Bank!

Elemental Seeds won the very first of their current five awards at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco for their stable star, True OG, also winning the High Times competitions in Seattle and Amsterdam and picking up another two second-place awards. In 2013, True OG clinched first place for Best Indica in Seattle. True OG is at the very heart of Elemental Seeds' activities, and the vast majority of their cannabis strains feature the wonderful True OG somewhere in their genetics. Lab tests have put the THC content of True OG somewhere around 27%! This makes True OG by Elemental Seeds one of the most potent and truly Super Strength Cannabis Strains available anywhere!

As well as the True OG and other super-strength cannabis seed strains, here at 1st Seed Bank, we also supply regular and feminised Elemental Seeds, outdoor Elemental Seeds, and High Yielding Elemental Seeds varieties. All available at 1st Seed Bank's super low prices and with discreet worldwide delivery.

More About Elemental Seeds

Elemental Seeds are a unique seed bank. Unlike most seed companies, Elemental Seeds are a partnership of renowned breeders. This combination of talented growers and breeders has resulted in many of their strains taking gold medals and trophies home from the High Times competition. Most cannabis enthusiasts have heard of their most famous strain, the True OG. This strain has featured on the High Times top 10 list of Best Strains in2015 and won the best grow style category at the Negril High Times (2016). Still, those achievements, combined with the numerous trophies and medals, are small compared to the strain’s most significant title yet: “Strongest Strain on Earth” (according to High Times). This fame has rendered the True OG cannabis seed strain a popular request across American cannabis dispensaries. Where cultivation remains restricted in the UK, the True OG seed is one of the most sought after collectible seeds.

But the True OG is not the only noteworthy strain from the master crafters at Elemental Seeds. Let’s take a look at some of their other impressive cannabis seed strain creations:

Best Elemental Seed Strains to add to your Collection:

Chaos Kush

Chaos Kush is a highly sought after Kush strain variety with a deeply stoning and typical Indica couch locking effect. The strain comes from Trueberry and Abba Zabba, both heavyweight strains in the cannabis industry. And what is the result? Well, the Chaos Kush strain is everything you can expect from an Indica strain. Chaos Kush’s effects are felt like a full-body stone, with the typical couch-lock result. The end result is usually a pure and utter full-body relaxation.

Chaos Kush has the indica effects that are useful when dealing with insomnia, and the relaxation that most seek at the end of a tough day. These effects are usually precluded by a fruity sensation of smells and tastes. Typical characteristics of the Chaos Kush plant itself include high yields and branches full of buds. Although a hybrid, this Indica dominant

Mango Tango

If you’re familiar with cannabis, then you’ve probably heard of this fruity delight. The Mango Tango may sound like it renders sativa-like uplifting effects, but don’t be surprised by the super-strong Indica stone. The strain is a heavy hitter, but it has a complex flavor profile that lifts your tastebuds to new levels.

Mango Tango is a seed strain with a near-perfect genetic profile. It takes all the best qualities from its parent strains; True OG, Tangie, and Peaches. The breeders over at Elemental Seeds knew that they wanted a delicious, fruit-filled flavor to accompany some super strong indica genetics. The Mango Tango doesn’t just sound like a good strain, the judges at the SoCal Cannabis Cup deemed it worthy of overall first place in the 2015 competition. Besides all the fame and glory, the Mango Tango seed strain is loved throughout the global cannabis community, and it should be on every seed collector’s shopping list.

Honey Bananas

Honey Bananas is another one of Elemental Seed’s delightfully named fruity strains. The Honey Bananas seed strain has a rare genetic profile that gives it a unique and downright delicious flavor. The strain comes from the crossing Honey Boo Boo and Strawberry Banana, and if you don’t think these strains aren’t the perfect combination of flavors, then we don’t know what is. The Honey Bananas seed strain is another magical and well thought out cannabis seed strain from the breeders at Elemental Seeds. Like the snack itself, Honey Bananas is a perfect treat for a midday pick me up and gives you both a sweet taste bud treat but a sweet experience as well. The Honey Bananas have a wide THC range, as different phenotypes have recorded THC levels from 15% to 22%.

The Honey Bananas seed strain is an ideal hybrid, combining both indica and sativa into a harmonious melody. The effects are typically long-lasting and usually sleep in with gentle, creative joy, blossoming into a motivated and encouraging mood.

Gummy Bears

Elemental Seeds are the champions of naming cannabis strains, and this one, Gummy Bears, is another fun twist on a sweet strain. A name like Gummy Bears could allude to a variety of weird and wonderful characteristics, but in the case of this Elemental seed strain, the most apparent reason for the name is that it tastes a little bit of candy. The flavor is reminiscent of the berries left at the bottom of your lemonade on a warm summer's day, and your sense of smell will be delighted by the tart sweetness.

All that is lovely, but what about Gummy Bear’s genetics? The breeders and strain masterminds over at Elemental Seeds have kept a tight lid on this strain’s genetic heritage, although there are plenty of rumors going around the cannabis circuit. Some believe Gummy Bears are the result of Trueberry and Big Lemon (which would explain her unique flavor) while others are certain Gummy Bears is a cross between True OG, Blackberry, and Strawberry Banana. While genetic information is difficult to uncover, the Gummy Bear seeds are available right here at 1st Seed Bank.

We think that all of the Elemental seeds should be a collector’s item, but if you have to choose- then make sure that your choice includes at least one of the above strains. The breeders at Elemental Seeds are nothing short of masters in their craft; they create strains with specific characteristics in mind and aim to bring nothing short of top-class genetics.

Stock your collector’s shelves today and order your Elemental Seeds right here at 1st Seed Bank. 


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