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Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion were one of the first cannabis seed companies around, after beginning in Amsterdam in 1987, they have since led the forefront of the European cannabis seed market. Way back in 1998, Dutch Passion were the first to introduce feminised marijuana seeds to the cannabis market and now specialise in feminized and autofem cannabis seeds. They were also the first company to list their cannabis strains along with THC and CBD percentages. Despite giving birth to the feminised cannabis seeds craze, they have also not neglected their regular cannabis seeds, which is very important, as cannabis breeders, marijuana strain preservationists and cannabis seed collectors usually prefer to buy or collect regular strains. This is because the male’s genetics are a lot more important in cannabis breeding than they are in direct medical marijuana use or recreational marijuana use.1st Seed Bank supplies Autoflowering Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds, Super Strength Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds, Outdoor Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds, High Yielding Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds, AND High CBD Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds. Whatever you select will be delivered to you discreetly, and available at the lowest price found online!

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