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Dr Underground

Dr Underground are a cannabis seed company from Spain that earned their spot in marijuana seeds market back in 2008, and ever since have been producin feminised cannabis seeds of the highest quality! In the last 4 years they have introduced five different strains to the cannabis seed market.

Dr. Underground's marijuana range contains such popular cannabis seeds as Brooklyn Mango (known for its strong mango fragrance and powerful structure of rock-hard buds), King Kong (known for its resin and speed of production), Crystal Meth (known for its recreational use and psychedelic high), Melon Gum (known for its large size and lavendar/melon flavours), and Painkiller (known for its medicinal uses including increasing appetite and reducing nausea).

1st Seed Bank provides auto, 12/12, outdoor, high yielding, and fast flowering varieties of Dr Underground cannabis seeds at the best prices on the online market and with worldwide discreet shipping.

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