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DJ Short Seeds

DJ Short Seeds was created by one man from Detroit, Michigan. John Short, or DJ, sometimes known as the professor of cannabis, has created a name for himself as being one of the original pioneers in the cannabis seed business. DJ Short has been perfecting his craft for over 40 years, as he began working in the year 1978. He has since then been the leading name in the cannabis seed business and can run circles around other businesses. 

he Famous Blueberry Cannabis Strain Genetics

You may have heard of the classic Blueberry strain of cannabis seeds. Well, DJ Short was the original creator of that strain. You read that right, DJ Short was the creator of one of the most famous strains. After perfecting his breeding technique, he got himself the title and honor to be in the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame. He has been repeatedly referred to as a father of cannabis seeds and one of the most innovative breeders of our time. In fact, DJ Short’s great grandmother was a herbalist who dealt with medicinal properties, and she passed the cannabis knowledge down for generations to come, eventually reaching DJ. 

Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

After seeing all the effects the cannabis seed has had on society and the people around him, he decided to dedicate his time to breeding the best seeds and hybrids. Through consistent trial and error, he created a line of high quality strains, thus birthing the blueberry strain. On the DJ Short Seed website, you can find a comprehensive menu including quick links to the home page, the about page, a list of strains, seeds, an art gallery, a blog, and more.

You can get all sorts of DJ Short seeds for collecting at 1st Seed Bank. Some of the available strains include F13, Blueberry, Flo, Grape Kush, Azure Haze, and more. 

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