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Delta 9 Labs Seeds

After spending 9 years researching and documenting the cannabis seed bank industry, Delta 9 Labs was set up with the aim of creating an extremely Earth-friendly cannabis seed bank, without compromising genetic standards for medical marjuana users. As the breeders of Delta 9 Labs are medical marijuana users themselves, they are able to test all varieties first hand to ensure that every Delta 9 cannabis seed entering the market is of the finest quality for the cannabis community.As well as a great variety of Delta 9 Labs medical marijuana seeds, you can also find feminised, regular, and high yielding cannabis seeds by Delta 9 Labs here at 1st Seed Bank. We also stock Delta 9 Super Strength cannabis strains, such as Brainstorm Haze - the result of travelling Thailand for 8 years and collecting the strongest seeds from every source possible. All 1st Seed Bank seeds are at the lowest prices online and are shipped discreetly and globally.

As well as being very experienced, the cannabis breeders of Delta 9 Labs are also well travelled - they have traversed the globe in order to find and breed with the world's best cannabis genetics. By implementing organic cannabis breeding techniques, Delta 9 Labs have vowed to produce the finest range of cannabis seeds possible, and guess what? You can get your hands on all of them here at 1st Seed Bank!

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