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Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds are a cannabis seedbank that are dedicated to creating a cannabis strain range that opens your senses to the beauty of out planet. The feminised cannabis seed strains created by Delicious Seeds are said to guid one to a state of giddyness and good feelings. Delicious Seeds consider the quality of their marijuana stains as a testament to their dedication and commitment to the beautiful world we live in, and the canna-community individuals striving to perceive it. Targetting marijuana connoisseur since 2010, Delicious Seeds put their cannabis seeds through rigorous quality control processes they have produced tasty, premium-quality, top-shelf cannabis seeds.

1st Seed Bank is your gateway to accessing Delicious Seed's range of 19 feminised cannabis seeds strains that will help you explore the true beauty of this planet we live in. One of our most popular Delicious Seeds seller is Sugar Black Rose - without a doubt, one of the tastiest indicas in the Delicious Seeds cannabis seed range. Check out all other 12/12, autoflowering, super strength, indica, and sativa cannabis here at 1st Seed Bank and you'll be guarunteed low prices, worldwide delivery, and discreet shipping.  

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