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Critical Mass Collective

Back in 2002, a young man from Arizona with years of experience and a passion for cannabis & super cropping created his own superior Mass marijuana hybrid with enhanced yield, power, and vigour: Monster Mass was born. And from the superior genetics of the Monster Mass strain, the Critical Mass Collective cannabis breeders have been able create an utimate range of the biggest, baddest Mass hybrid marijuana seeds of modern times. Critical Mass Collective cannabis seeds have been acclaimed for their use of old school Afghani skunk genetics, fast rooting structure, and explosive growth patterns: “Critical Mass is known for superior yeilds without compromise in quality of flavour.


Whether you're looking for high yielding cannabis seeds, high CBD cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, or super strength cannabis seeeds, you can find it all from Critical Mass Collective via 1st Seed Bank. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best cannabis seed prices on the market, worldwide shipping, and discreet delivery. 

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